Online Security

Our C|EH (Certified Ethical Hacking) training in 2009 gave us and our customers a huge advantage in online security matters.

Our contract with West Yorkshire Police (4th largest Police Force in UK) gained us much experience in website security, we were commended by the Home Office and credited as an example of best practise at the National Police Websmasters Forum in 2011.

So what does this mean for our customers? It means that we provide an additional level of security know how than most of our peers.

And when you hire us to work for you, you need never worry about security even if you are a target for malicious activity as we have already thwarted millions of hack attempts for a major UK police force. 

Put your mind at rest and run your online security concerns past us for a free, no obligation quote. 

Man is still the most extraordinary computer of all. 

John F. Kennedy